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Section 2.1 Objectives

By the end of this section, an engaged learner will be able to:
  • understand the impact of student demographics, type of institution, and time on student loan debt.
  • perform exploratory data analysis on a numerical variable (college tuition, student loan debt) as a function of a numerical (year) or categorical (institution type, student demographics) variable.
    • create line charts of student loan data over time.
    • create scatterplots of student loan debt versus college graduation rates.
    • create bar charts of the average student loan debt owed by various demographic groups.
    • compute summary statistics to describe each of the above.
  • use linear regression and correlation to judge trends in numerical data on tuition and student loan debt as a function of time and predict future outcomes.
  • use a chi-squared test for independence to analyze the impact of student demographics (race, gender, and others) on student loan debt load.
  • understand how data analysis can contribute to understanding the impact of student loan debt and government policy on student loans.